Do you need a Payee?

  •  Do you have trouble managing your funds? If you can't seem to pay your bills on-time.
  • Is your current payee a family member who isn't trustworthy? If your needs aren't being met.
  •  Are the Social Security laws hard to understand? If you would like someone to communicate to SSA on your behalf.
  • Are your bills being paid late? If your current payee does not pay your bills on time.


Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Who needs a Payee?

Answer:  Anyone who has difficulty managing their day-to-day financial affairs. 



Question: My address has changed.  What do I need to do?

Answer: Notify your account manager immediately. You can download the Change of address form or your account manager will gladly complete it for you.


Question: I want CEPS as my payee.  How do I enroll?

Answer: You can download the Intake form or we will gladly complete it for you at any of our offices.  If you need assistance, please call us at (916) 348-1890 (Sacramento Area), (916) 441-1900 (Downtown Area) or (209) 544-8591 (Modesto Area) and we will guide you through the process. 




Consultants in Educational & Personal Skills is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides assistance for individuals who have difficulty managing their day-to-day financial affairs.



We are the representative payee of choice because we make a difference by offering solutions, support, and referrals in our community.  We research both current services to increase efficiency and the expansion of new services through a network of related businesses to attract new clients and better serve existing clients.  



We are committed to making life better for others in every encounter, every time.  



Service: Our clients come first with promptness and quality.  We will not rely on machines to run our business; we answer our phones whenever possible.  We make new opportunities to solve challenges with win-win service that exceeds expectations of our clients, community partners, and SSA. 

Communication: We listen to our clients, explain things in a way that they understand, and update them on what they can expect.  We demonstrate that we truly care about our clients by listening to them with compassion, patience, and understanding.

Integrity: We create trust through honesty, respect, advocating, maintaining confidentiality, and always working proactively in the interests of our clients.  Our reputation of being the best at what we do comes from following through and keeping our word. 

Teamwork: We choose a great “want to be here, how can I help?” attitude, knowing one cannot succeed unless we all succeed.  We are a motivated, flexible, unified team that seeks to improve the company, the service, and ourselves.  We create policies and procedures that empower us to reach our potential through structures and systems that are designed for our business.